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VA Help: How to use Basecamp

If you have a lot of projects to finish, Basecamp is the best online tool you need to manage and organize all of them. Definitely you can avoid procrastination!

Designers Online: How to use ‘What the Font’ of My Fonts


One of the problems graphic designers encounter is identifying what type of font was being used when revising a particular layout. Good thing MyFonts has a great tool which will help us to identify the actual or at least similar font on what you want to find out by simply uploading the image of that font; follow the step-by-step tutorial below.

VA Help: How to Use Odesk Team

Ok, I got a Odesk account, apply some work, invited by clients for an interview, and presto!, I got hired.

I really got excited after having my very first contract. My new part job was in hourly rate and 20 hours maximum per week. I think that was cool and can’t wait to start. The client told me not to forget to use the Odesk Team since I’ll be paid basing from that tracker. I have an idea about the application but haven’t tried since it’s my first time.

I want to start working and get paid. I go for it. Well, after few minutes, everything runs smoothly. This application wasn’t as complicated as I thought. So user-friendly it is! See it for yourself through this presentation.

VA Help: How to use Skype from other computer without installing it?

I just recall the time I received an email from a client who wants to interview me as soon as possible. He wants to chat with me through Skype. However, that time I’m using a computer that doesn’t have Skype and I have no right to install one. Well, I didn’t lose hope. I knew there’s an existing site or program that can help me out. So I searched using the keyword ‘using Skype online’ on the internet, and it didn’t fail me! I found imo – an instant messenger that simply let’s you use Skype and other messenger tools online. I never thought this would be so easy to use than I expect. Well, see it for yourself. Check out my tutorial below.

Designers Online: How to Embed Images in Adobe Illustrator File

On the first time I created newsletter design layout in Adobe Illustrator, I’ve encountered problems when I submit the file on the printing press. They were asking for links of the images placed on the artwork. Well that was a question mark for me.Good thing, I got supportive colleagues which helps me to solve it.

I’ve learned that I should also include the pictures along with the file when I submit it on the printing press. This is for them to link the images on the layout. However, after few more experiences, I’ve realized that there is an easier way that I don’t need to include the images with to file to submit and the printing press doesn’t have to locate the images to link on the artwork. That is none other than, the ‘Embed’ option in Adobe Illustrator. To find out how to use it, check out the tutorial below.

VA Help: How to Insert Image With Transparent Background on Keynote

Definitely you want as much as possible to make sure your slide presentations were just perfect, including images. However supporting images we got from the internet or personal photo stock have background may not be suited on your total presentation layout. To remove the background same done from the image above, learn it from this tutorial.

VA Help: How to Use Jing

Jing is the easiest tool to capture images and videos seen on your computer screen.  Learn more about this tool below.

VA Help: How to Use Google Sketch Up in Making a Simple Studio Space

This tutorial is basic way of creating a room space using Google Sketch-up. This is ideal for contractors working in architectural firms without any backgrounds of 3D design. You may not be really sure but your client may ask this type of job even not in your scope. This is very simple and very basic. Now, who says that only 3D designers can only work with 3D objects?

Designers Online: How to use Aviary Raven

Aviary Raven is an online vector editor. Check out this tutorial to see how easy it was being used.